This damn blog

I’ve had this blog for almost a decade and I love it so damn much and I don’t spend nearly enough time on it. #Sorrynotsorry to write one of those posts in which I reflect on blogging but I wanted to invite you into my brain spiral that leads to my writer's block with the goal to hopefully spend more time creating and less time spiralling. Keep reading if you want to hear my anxiety screed. 

You don’t need to explain yourself

I took January entirely off Twitter and Instagram. The break was long-anticipated, long overdue, deeply needed and very healing. hought that kept bubbling up during my detox was how much social media can put us in a position where we feel like we constantly need to explain ourselves and our choices. Social media is overwhelming almost by design. I’ve always been a frequent poster and pretty heavy social media user, and now I’m a digital marketer by trade so I feel a lot of pressure to be a *very online* person.