Slow fashion for your Instagram feed

Five Canadians Instagrammers to follow for slow / ethical fashion inspo and tips

As the global environmental crisis is more front and centre than ever before, fast fashion seems to be under increasing criticism for its poor environmental and inhumane labour practices. Fast fashion is also the perfect microcosm of runaway capitalism; cheap clothing that can be sold for next to nothing to feed a public that never seems to be satiated, only for the majority of the garments to end up in landfills.

Fortunately, consumers are increasingly sharing that we’ve had enough. We’re sick of being sold a new trend every season, only to be pressured to stuff our closets with poor quality garments that end up in overflowing donation bins or being thrown away. The internet is the perfect opportunity to democratize fashion, with unprecedented consumer choice for ethically made or secondhand garments.

If you’re looking to refresh your Insta feed with some slow fashion inspo look no further. I’ve been following the folks listed below for months if not years and they always provide wonderful style inspo paired with thoughtful reflections on fashion, style, consumerism, and how access to fashion is linked to social justice.

No matter where or how our clothes are made, we all still need to dress ourselves every day. Follow these human to shake up your feed and think outside the garment bag.

Bonus: Everyone listed below is Canadian! Here they are in no particular order:


Julia Marina is based in the west-coast of Canada and shares thrifted and ethically sourced fashion finds. Her style is comfy, cozy, unique, and true to her personality. Read her journal-entry style captions for a healthy dose of feels.


Lydia Okello is a fashion influencer and model who always has the latest finds from ethically-made, small-batch, size inclusive brands at the top of the feed. Their images will inspire you to try bold prints and unique textures for your next outfit.


Toronto-based pro-thrifter Vanessa is your go-to thrifting buddy. Follow her for unique thrifted finds and outfit combos to swoon over. Bonus: check out her vintage shop @personalspaceliving.


Marielle is your bestie in size-inclusive ethical fashion and body positivity. Full disclosure I also support Marielle on Patreon and I can’t believe the value I get for my dollar. If you support her on Patreon you get so many more brand and styling recos, not to mention fat positive inspo, seasonal playlist, AMA office hours and more. I forever have Marielle to thank for recommending this hat that actually fits my giant head.


Kate is a PhD candidate and pro thrifter who’s recently begun making her own clothes. Kate is refreshingly transparent about her own style journey and is always learning and experimenting when it comes to thrifting and sewing. You need to watch this reel in which she styles Canadian cities as outfits and completely nails it.

Who did I miss? Hit me up with your favourite ethical fashion folks to follow.

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