Follow Friday – Fix your Instagram feed

The world has changed, and so has your social feed. If you feel like your Insta could use an overhaul, look no further. Today I’m sharing my favourite creators / influencers with you to brighten up your scrolling experience.

No wait! Before you go! 

I know, I know I said “influencers”, that terribly loaded word. None of these people will try to sell you skinny tea nor will they be caught pulling ridiculous shenanigans on @influencersinthewild. They’re just some creative-type folks who like to take pictures and videos and will occasionally post some sponsored content. K? We good? Let’s go. 

In no particular order


Lily is a Toronto-based mom and blogger who seems to be everywhere. She did a collab with H&M and has been featured in Vogue Italia three times. Her feed is beautiful, her kid is adorable and her heart is full. 


Follow Toronto-based Kenzie for body positivity, plants, hot sauce and book recos.

Also! She just launched a podcast, Conversations with Kenzie and it is honestly everything. I highly recommend this episode with her friend @sciencesam (another person to follow), as the two unpack the bewildering news cycle and explain some science-y stuff in plain language. 


She’s normally an NYC-dweller but she’s quarantining with her partner in LA right now. Alyssa is a fashion person (editor / designer / influencer / stylist), who keeps her content honest and genuine. You won’t find a heavily curated feed where every photo is professional and pristine. There are a lot of mirror selfies, some makeup tutorials and a healthy dose of #skincare. 


Phoenix-based photographer, blogger, branding consultant and badass. Denisse took my picture once and it was the best (see below). Follow her for plants, her dog, outfit inspo for curvy girls (hi!) along with a healthy dose of wokeness. 

@schillian /

Toronto-based Madison Schill is a retired model, a former fashion editor, an entrepreneur, freelance writer, and full-time digital marketer… and she’s not even 30 yet. Yeah. Oh and she just launched a podcast called Under the Skin with Madison that’s all about the fashion and beauty industry and everything that goes with it. I’m already hooked. 

Follow her personal account and her blog for all of the skincare and beauty tips you could ever need, along with virtual dance parties and positivity. 


Ashley Ballard is a fashion-forward mental health advocate and blogger who lives in an absolutely adorable loft in Brooklyn. Let them inspire you with outfit ideas, style tips, plants, decor and just all around good vibes. In Ashley’s words, they’ve been “crying on the internet since 2014”. 


Marlie Cohen is a Toronto-based fitness and nutrition expert and mom. Her kid is just a few months older than my son so I’ve loved following her pregnancy and motherhood journey. I like Marlie’s content because it’s straightforward and honest. Easy workouts, recipe ideas for babies and adults, not to mention outfit-inspo and baby gear recos. 


Nayamka Roberts-Smith is a licensed esthetician who has completely changed the way I see and do skincare. I’ve been following her #60SecondRule, started oil cleansing, and have watched every single one of her YouTube videos. I’m obsessed. Let her share all of her professional knowledge and insight with you. I hope one day when travel is allowed again I can go to LA for a session with her.  


Anne T. Donahue is a “Writer and person. Big fan of the mall” who curates the best memes from your favourite 90s movies and was styling sweatpants like a boss even before quarantine happened. Bonus points if you read her book: Nobody Cares.

Thanks for sticking with me to the end! Hope you found some inspiration in this list of awesome, creative people. Let me know if following them injects some more fun into your feed. 


Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

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