Some socially distant musings

Before social distancing started six weeks ago, I had a slew of blog posts I was going to write. Parenting stuff like travelling with a baby (lol), baby gear recos, info on the sleep program we followed. Life stuff like how much I was enjoying my weekly dance and yoga classes. Mat leave stuff like how my son Gabe and I were going to start swimming and music lessons…

Then, all of our lives drastically changed with the outbreak of COVID-19. I think I’m not alone in saying that it hasn’t felt right to write about anything. Most of us are sick of reading about this pandemic though it’s always top-of-mind, but it feels insensitive not to acknowledge it. So many people are so severely impacted by what’s happening in the world – whether they are getting sick, losing their jobs, or working on the front lines to take care of the sick and keep society running. 

So, after many false starts (I have five half-written blog post that may never see the light of day), I decided to just write something to get the juices flowing again. So here’s an update on how life is at the moment. 

I feel very privileged that my family life has been impacted very little by social distancing. My husband already works from home – so that’s just business as usual – and I’m on mat leave (though going back to work very soon). The biggest shift for us was that we no longer have weekly visits with our parents and close friends. We’re very lucky that Gabe’s three sets of grandparents all live here in Toronto and are frequently available and more than willing to visit, to help out, and to babysit. Those visits have been replaced by FaceTime or waves through the window until further notice. 

The other adjustment was cancelling all of mine and Gabe’s planned spring activities. We’d spent the winter sort of hibernating (though still hosting frequent visitors), and I decided that it would be fun to spend the spring doing things like swimming lessons, mom groups and music classes together as Gabe approached his first birthday. Of course those activities have been cancelled (rightfully so). 

So, it’s the three of us at home. Trying to do our part to #FlattenTheCurve. We, like anyone else, have experienced a whirlwind of emotions watching this pandemic spread. But when we get overwhelmed we count our many blessings, remind ourselves that we are the lucky ones and try to research ways to help. 

My husband and I actually feel beyond blessed that Gabe is the exact age that he is right now. Social distancing started as he approached eight-months-old. He’s too young to know what’s going on but he’s also no longer a newborn. I have all the feels and empathy for new parents navigating the newborn phase without visitors, along with parents with multiple kids at home, or toddlers who need a ton of attention and activity. Sending all the strength to the parents who are keeping their kids at home and helping us get through. 

So, like millions of others, we’re filling our days with snacking, home workouts, Zoom chats and dinners at home. Mostly we’re bored – which is an immense privilege. 

It’s weird to have essentially nothing to say right now, because we’re not doing a whole lot. But I thought I’d just write something for the hell of it and clear some cobwebs in my brain as we continue to settle into our “new normal”. 

Sending all the strength, healing energy, and gratitude to everyone making big and small sacrifices during this strange and scary time. ❤️

P.S. if it’s within your means consider making a donation to Food Banks Canada

P.P.S. If you’re bored, fire up the Disney+ and watch the Disney Family Singalong. Trust me. 

P.P.P.S. Hang in there.

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