Five Professional Development Sites Every Job-Hunter Needs to Bookmark

The internet is bursting with resources on networking, interviews, salary negotiation, the whole gamut. I like to read about career and professional development in my spare time so I thought I’d share what I think are some of the best websites for anyone on the job hunt (I’m a student right now so this includes me).

If you’re looking for a new job, or thinking of looking for a new job, bookmark these sites ASAP. Also sign up to their newsletters and read their content attentively. It will help you I promise. Here they are in no particular order:

1. The Daily Muse 

The Daly Muse is THE career website. The Muse has something for everyone and sends out DAILY tips about job applications and networking. It’s also a good website to keep an eye on after you land the job because it contains a lot of useful information about career development; promotions, raises, whether or not to leave a company etc.

2. Levo League 

Levo League is a community built by professional women for professional women. However, I think the content can apply to people of all genders. Not only is it useful for employers to know what concerns face today’s professional women, but some of the advice that is given is universal. I also like Levo League because it offers multimedia content and the website has a familiar, community-like feel. There are even local chapters to join which is a great way to connect with professionals in your area.

3. LinkedIn Pulse 

Pulse is one of those go-to sources for career-related content. I find the volume of information a little cloudy and overwhelming, but you can taylor your interests to filter out what doesn’t apply to you. LinkedIn is already an important tool especially for those on the job hunt, so it make sense to keep up with the content that influencers are creating for the site. One of LinkedIn’s influencers could very-well be your future employer!


Lifehack surprised me with it’s excellent “work” category. The content is easy to read and the website is fun to navigate. I find myself coming back here over and over again to read about resume and portfolio tips, how to not piss off your boss, the best way to be a team player, the list goes on.


Inc is a magazine for entrepreneurs with a fantastic website. I encourage anyone who is looking for work or ready for a career change to read what small-business owners are up to. I’m not saying you should start your own business, but I find that entrepreneurial-thinking is extremely helpful when it comes to professional development. Not only do many employers look for “entrepreneurial spirit” in candidates, but reading about entrepreneurs can inspire you to think outside the box, question the status quo, and take the kind of initiative that really adds value to an organization.

Do you have any go-to websites for tips on resumes, cover letters, interviews and networking? If so, help a college gal and share them in comments!

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